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                         Who Is S.G.E.?



 Sounz Gud Entertainment specializes in Distribution, Publishing, Mechanical Rights, Neighboring Rights, and Sync Licensing. We are established in multiple countries to be able to collect royalties from content on a global scale. 

                           New Artist Releases


DeAndre Perryman






"Mirror Mirror"


                   "Fan4life" Bump Card

Wanna stay connected with your fans, what better way than to upgrade your presence with a "Fan4Life" Bump Card. It's easy and convenient. "Imagine showing up at a networking event empty handed and bumps someone phone with a card the leaves them with your whole catalog to enjoy," says Perryman. 

                         DSTLOU Publishing

DSTLOU Publishing is in association with the ASCAP PRO. They have been in business since 2004. We are already in 10 countries and are proceeding worldwide. We license content for artists to collect royalties on their works. We also administer other Publishing Companies that need help registering their content